Isabelle Burdel
perfume designer

“To date, after over twenty years of experience, I have created more than a thousand perfumes that have been sold throughout the world. I have, in particular, worked in the creation of perfumes with the world known perfumer Rochas. For several years, I have been offering my rare expertise, making the thery complex and marvellous alchemy of perfumes available to private individuals, to reflect the very depths of their being.”

A unique creation

The success of a unique and exclusive perfume relies on a very distinctive approach. It requires the ability to translate the emotions and uniqueness of a person in the form of a scent that is in perfect harmony with the true being and the true reflection of that individual, the essential fine touch that reveals and sublimates his or her character.

The essence of your soul

This perfume is made to measure for each particular person. It is designed to enhance the person’s finesse, and conceal that which is to be kept secret. It means perfect harmony between the individual and the fragrance. This unique perfume quite naturally becomes the essence of your soul.