The creation

Choose the creation that will set you apart from the others, that will fill you up with emotions and will appeal all your sences; express yourself with a salon Privé’s perfume. You will have the opportunity to unveil your desire, your emotions and your tastes during conversations with Isabelle, who will compose several perfumes, each that you inspired her to create.

Over your testing, these scents can be retouched untill Isabelle reaches the perfect match, the ultimate expression of your singularity.

Your perfume

Your tailor made frangrance includes sprays 8ml in their suede case for the testing and your exclusive Eau re Parfum poured into 3 sprays 50ml with your name engraved on it. Salon Privé offer you a bag spray filled with your own perfume.

To go further in the expression of individuality you can ask for your perfume Extract in a unique crystal bottle 50ml with your name engraved on it and delivered in its elegant suede case.

Then you can endlessly wear your perfume as refills from 50ml can be created upon request.